I just started a new side project: DeviceAndBrowserInfo.com. It aims to be a website where users can learn about the fascinating world of browser fingerprinting, HTTP headers, proxies and more.

What is DeviceAndBrowserInfo.com?

DeviceAndBrowserInfo.com provides users with insightful data related to browser fingerprinting, HTTP headers, and malicious IP addresses (such as those associated with Tor or proxies). I want to centralize information about different signals useful in the context of security, fraud and bot detection and to make it easy for users to visualize and play with this data through a website or using APIs.

At its current stage, DeviceAndBrowserInfo.com offers basic features:

Browser Fingerprint Visualization:

Visualize your browser fingerprint, including details about your browser type, version, operating system, screen resolution, and more. Uncover the digital footprint you leave behind as you browse the web.

HTTP Headers Insights:

Dive into the HTTP headers sent by your browser with ease. Gain insights into the metadata accompanying your web requests, including user-agent information, accepted content types, cookies, and authorization details.

IP address:

Verify your IP address and obtain information about it (autonomous system, ISP, associated country and location). In the future, you will also be able to explore list of IP addresses associated with known proxies, Tor exit nodes, or other anonymizing services.

Web Pages and APIs

DeviceAndBrowserInfo.com offers information both through a website and through APIs, providing flexibility for users to access data according to their preferences and requirements.

Future Updates

Expect frequent updates in the coming weeks as I’d like to deliver more features and data around browser fingerprinting, HTTP headers and IP addresses in general.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if there are features you’d like me to implement.

Antoine Vastel

Head of research at Datadome.