I recently created another website where you can see your browser fingerprint and different fingerprinting-related signals like your IP address, your canvas fingerprint, your HTTP headers, etc. Some information is accessible both through a webpage and through APIs. Don't hesitate to bookmark it as I will add more signals.

Your browser fingerprint (collected with Fp-Collect)

Your browser fingerprint is collected using the latest version of Fp-Collect.Thus, you may see attributes that are not available yet in the npm version.

Result of Fp-scanner

Each test can have 3 different values:

  1. Consistent: The scanner did not detect any anomaly.
  2. Unsure: The scanner considers that the attributes tested could indicate the presence of a bot, but there is still a chance that it is a human.
  3. Inconsistent: The scanner considers that the attributes tested indicate the presence of a bot.
The fingerprints we collect through this page help us improve Fp-scanner. We analyze the data to create new tests as well as to remove false positives and false negatives.